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A person that practices one-upmanship and name-dropping. This person is compelled to elevate their status by trumping the experiences of others with their own supposedly personal stories that are usually more intense, on a grander scale or connected to a famous person or event. These persons expect others to believe their stories regardless of how far-fetched or improbable.
You: "I have some old Nirvana vinyl records in my collection."

Braggot: "I saw Nirvana and even hung out with Kurt Cobain. It was awesome."

You: "But you were born in 1992 and Cobain died in 1994."

Braggot: "Yeah, I was really young but my mom's boyfriend took me to the show and he had backstage passes because he was tight with Kurt. I remember all kinds of stuff from when I was only 2 years old."
by Weedtarded January 19, 2009
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An ancient style of ale-mead, made from both honey and malted grain.

Not to be confused with braggart, one who brags or is given to boasting.
Gareth: "This is a fine braggot you've brewed here, Myfanwy!"

Myfanwy: "Why thank you, Gareth."

Daffyd: "It's not all that great, I brew a better braggot than anyone in the village."

Gareth & Myfanwy: "Shut your pie-hole, ya braggart, and drink your Bacardi & Coke!"
by Cousin Cringe August 26, 2016
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(n): a term used to describe self absorbed faggots commonly known to have the first name Bradley. Hence we chose to combine the highlighted terms and make *~Braggot.~*

"Braggot has herpes."

"Braggot looks like shit everyday!"
by Braggot Hater November 09, 2009
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