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A person who is in band and affiliates with band. Spends most of their time in the band room doing scales sheets, practicing their instrument/music, doing nothing at all, or better yet... To piss off the band director. Often talks about band related things, mostly awesome composers and pieces ever made. Can be random at times, talking about CSI, Les Mis (Best Musical Ever Made!), House, DCI, etc. Also loves to make videos of themselves or other band geeks. These videos are often recorded at band fundraisers, the band room, football games, or around school campus. If things in the band room get boring, a band geek tends to mess around with the band director's van or car. Band geeks can be some of the the coolest people you'll ever meet.
John: Hey Tom! How was Band Camp?

Tom: It was like Band Geek Heaven!
by [too cool to list on here] December 31, 2008
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Used here as a verb.

1. When you lay in a three-pointed star (three people) on the floor of the band room in the dark composing music
2. When the members of your particular instrument stick to each other like glue (and the teacher thinks you all are attached by a string).
3. When you find yourself loudly humming your music as you walk down the hallway to another class.
4. When you end up teaching little 6 month old babies to play their first scale.
5. When you memorize your music and talk about how cool a piece of music is to anyone who's willing to listen.
6. When you miss band class and actually look forward to it as the highlight of your day.
7. When you witness the above actions in every day life and no longer think that its weird.

See also: band nerd and band dork
Band Geek: (moves the hands of the 6 month baby) Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb! There! You just play your very first scale!
Baby: (cries)
Other Band Geeks: (nod approvingly)
by Trombonista4LifeTimes3 May 28, 2006
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A person involved in band who enjoys it so much that they constantly have band on their minds.

Known to date other "band geeks," roll their feet outside of band, generally have random and/or strange thought processes, are generally some of the coolest and most talented people ever, while some are quite possible the scariest people ever.

Not to be confused with "orch dorks" or "choir queers"
Those Eastmont band geeks are the bomb dizzle. Not to mention hot.
by Ardith January 11, 2004
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Band geeks are the coolist people you could ever know. The band room is their home away from home, they're there in the morning before school, when they should be in their other classes, for band, and after school. They often are in many different bands such as marching band, jazz band, and concert band. They go to every football and basketball game, not to watch their school teams win, but to be in pep band and often times play better than the sports teams. They usualy date other band geeks, or orch dorks, and hate those chior kids.
Those band geeks play better than the football team.
I'm such a band geek, I'm at school 2 hours before it starts, 4 days a week so I can be in jazz band, have advanced band every day in 5th period, and on Wed. I have sax lessons!
by Bre April 25, 2005
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One who spends all there time in the band room, and calls it there home away from home.
I am a total band geek because I love band!
by a band geek August 22, 2003
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Person who:
1. plays one or more musical instruments well (see bisectional)
2. eats, lives, sleeps in bandroom
3. considers band the most important class of day and frequently skips other classes to go to it
4. Has CPS (chronic playing syndrome) but does not suffer, rather enjoys every minute
5. Dates exclusivly band (or other musical: e.g. chorus) people
6. Understands band jokes
7. 99% chance of a horribly peverted mind
8. Worships band director/ drum major as god/jesus
9. Is in marching band and loves it more than life itself
10. has seen a lot of the other people in band and guard
I am a band geek. I play in 3 ensembles I'm bisectional.
by God himself January 28, 2005
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People who are in band and enjoy it very much. They hang out in the band room and band makes their school year. They think about band alot and enjoy practing their instruments. Can be very preverted at times but dont take anything very serious. Like to use "in your pants" and "your mom"
Wow look at those band geeks marching on that field
by Flute Fizzle June 13, 2006
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