One (somewhat obscure) usage of this word is to use it as a replacement for the noun in a sentence or a question.The noun could be money,drugs, a food item, or indeed anything.This usage is often only used between close groups of friends, as it can prove to be very confusing to the unenlightened listener.
"how many boys you got mattfest?"
"Ive got ten boys"
"Ive got plenty of boys for this weekend"
"aww never, Ive got no boys"
by pineapple joe January 09, 2009
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A person under the age of 13 with a penis
Jimmy is 12 and has a penis, therefore he is a boy
by Ikehylt October 25, 2016
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A living, breathing, working object capable of motion and metabolism that falls under the mammal category of classifying living things. Typically falls under the genus Homo sapien. This specific kind of Homo sapien contains chromosomes in it's cells, totalling twenty-three. Withing these chromosomes, two are gender chromosomes, and for this noun to apply, these chromosomes must be of vastly different lengths and genetics. In this case, all other Homo sapiens classify it as an X And a Y chromosome. This version of a Homo sapien is, in the English language, used to describe another Homo sapien who fits these requirements, and also happens to be under their teenage years, which in most cultures is under thirteen years of age.

Also used by ghetto ass broke kids that have the IQ akin to a fucking potato to try and insult the other, but is glorified by the word "roast".
He is a boy

Really. It isn't that fucking simple. Unless you are a ghetto boy
by 5unf1ower May 11, 2017
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other males of social/ drinking group, esp. in Wales.
No connotations of immaturity or condescension
by rhys August 18, 2003
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- a friend whos like a brother
-blood brother
-someone whos there for you whenever you need them the most
-shows the most respect for/towards you all the time
-always has your back
-trusted and loved
by AJ Holland July 09, 2010
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