a skank that lies decieves and minipulates and does what ever they need to to get him out of your arms and into theirs!!!!
NO, Tyler, dont believe her, shes a boyfriend stealer!!!!!!
by LoLaRoXThEsESoX!!! November 8, 2007
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Veronica: OMG Jack is so hawt rawr xD i think i love him

Ellie: I hate him

Veronica: Godd he is all mine

Ellie: *two days later* This is my new boyfriend Jack

Veronica: you are a boyfriend stealer!!! A SLUT
by Veronica Hastings March 12, 2017
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Jade: omg Gianna is suck a Boyfriend stealer
Lily: yeah Ik she took the guy I was in love with for 9 months!!!!!!

Jade: what a bitch
by Sam Welsh May 25, 2016
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A bitch who cleary thinks she is a victorias's secret model, but in real life has a fat face and a cows body.
Girl "Look at that skany ugly bitch"
Boy "She's looking at you're boyfriend"
Girl "Ha, classic Attempted boyfriend stealer!"
by Madbitch:) December 16, 2009
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When a blondie steals your boyfriend after you broke up for 3 whole days.
"damn that little boyfriend stealer has been so annoying lately.
by ginger.bitch70 November 16, 2022
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