He broke boy code by dating my ex, we can never be friends again.
by White.chick05 September 6, 2015
a promise that is made between the boys, that is about one of the boys interest in a girl(s), that will not be shared under any circumstance, if shared this would be in violation of code 476. Punishable by exile.
i cant tell you, its in violation of BC476 (Boy Code 476)
by GreatCommissure June 10, 2021
Tattoos on a man which identify him much like bar coding does for merchandise.
Hey, there goes Jason you can tell by the boy bar coding on his arms.

by gulliver1953 July 11, 2008
The Boy Scout Code of Honor or BSCOH is a code of honor in when an individual encounters another males genitalia, they must respond with a visual presentation of their own genitalia of what they saw. (penis for penis, testicle for testicle). The individual must present theirs to the others in the name of their honor. This phrase was made popular from the show Workaholics. Participating individuals are in no form homosexual for following this code. No judgemental comments or teasing.
Jack: oh shit i just saw your dick!
Mitch: Boy Scout Code of Honor!!! Now you have to show me yours!
Jack: fine
(shows penis)
by Perfecttimes June 28, 2011