Stands for what fans want and love and to laugh at the haters in the prosess coz its fun :)
bowling for soup??? I LOVE THEM!!
by frapp September 04, 2003
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A band originating in Wichita Falls, Texas. After releasing ROCK ON HONORABLE ONES!!! they moved to Denton, Texas. in 2000, LETS DO IT FOR JOHNNY came out with many hilarious songs including their first single, "The Bitch Song". in 2002, they released DRUNK ENOUGH TO DANCE with 2 singles: "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" and "Emily". Bowling For Soup then re-released the album with "Punk Rock 101", which is the reason why many people think they are poseurs. In mid 2004, Bowling For Soup released their biggest and best album, A HANGOVER YOU DON'T DESERVE. It contained singles "1985", "Almost", and more recently, "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)". This album was VERY similar to Blink-182 and Sum 41's style of just having fun except a little less obnoxious.

A lot of people hate this band for a few reasons:
1: The overplaying of the song "1985" on the radio.
2: They're WAY too busy bitching about what's punk and what's not
3: They just don't like them, which is acceptable, but some people make fun of others for listening to "fake music"

So, Bowling for Soup is a great band. They just need more fans.
Real fan: I love Bowling For Soup! I have heard just about all of their songs and I can't get enough of them! Rock on Honorable ones!!!


Real hater: I am not a fan of Bowling For Soup. I have heard just about all of their songs and I don't like it. However, I accept the fact that some people may like this band.

Retard: BFS suxx0rz!!! 1985 sux THERE4, BfS SUXXXXXXXXXX!!!! FanZ BERN IN HeLl!1!!11!1!!!1!!1!2
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 03, 2006
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the best f***** band in the whole world and the nicest bunch of guys ever
i met bowling for soup!
oooo! that mega cool band do you mean??
by amieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee December 05, 2005
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Hmmmm...it seems all of you assholes that are saying that Bowling For Soup "sucks"..hmm all you're seeming to diss at is "1985" which isn't a great song....what about the songs on "Drunk Enough To Dance"? oh what? never heard of it? just listened to one song, eh?
stupid-o's ahaha lol
by screw u bitch December 01, 2004
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Made great songs like

Dance With You
Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Life After Lisa
My Hometowm

and has some of the FUNNIEST music videos EVER
don't think so? try watching a few more than just one and you'll see.
Bob: Hey have you seen that new Bowling For Soup video for Almost?

Bill: Yeah, I especially liked the part where the guy fell down, and ripped off the clothes of that cheerleader.


Bob: Hey have you seen the music video for Emily?

Bill: Yeah, it's funny when that fat dude wears a dress and make-up just to take a piss inside. But Jaret ends up pissing himself at the end.
by Bob from GSC May 15, 2005
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An awesome band from Texas, with a great sence of humour, and fully against the emo-movement (check out their song I'm Gay)!

Founded the Annual "Get Happy Tour" with Army of Freshmen.

Albums include Rock on Honourable ones!, Lets Do It For Johnny, Drunk Enough to Dance, A Hangover You Don't Deserve, Bowling For Soup goes to the Movies and latest record The Great Burrito Extortion Case.

Many people will only know BFS for thier song 1985, and anyone who thinks this is good should check out the rest of their stuff!

A lot of people are against BFS for 1985 being "overplayed" on the radio...fair enough if you have at least heard some other songs before dismissing them, but many just hate them without even listening to the music.

They are 4 of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Virtually garunteed to put a big goofy smile on your face =D

Bowling For Soup are awesome, I love Drunk enough to Dance!
by luckiestloser March 20, 2008
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one of the best bands in the whole world! and to all you haters out there, don't judge on ONE song of the week losers. go to the website and listen to the rest of them!
Hater: omfg i h8 bowling for crap ha. l0l
Me:...dude. you're stupid. go to the website and listen fag! *hit hater with fan*
by Catty March 18, 2005
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