n. Someone who patrols the internet and thinks they own it.
Normally go on websites that they are restricted on because of age. They are sarcastic, and think they are funny. Normally age 14 and under, they draw all enjoyment by being dicks and and watching free porn.
Uh, this moderator is such a bounce!
by thecaojin January 26, 2010
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Having godly aesthetics. You can tell if a person has bounce by their fashion and vision.

If you have bounce you most likely have clout, but its not necessary to have clout in order to have bounce.
Jaren: *wearing a faux cheetah jacket with classic pinstripe green track pants and a vlone t-shirt*

kane: you're dripping with bounce
by cristo-kush March 15, 2017
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term used for running like an idiot with no coordination what so ever. mostly used for people with the name sal kailey and matt.
hey guys, lets bounce over there to they uglass.
by sally matthew landgren March 23, 2011
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There are several different ways to say "Bounce."

Lets say its getting late and you wanna go home. "C'mon, lets bounce!"
And heres another way. "Do you wanna bounce up and down with me like weirdos?"
Theres also this one! "Lets bounce this bouncy ball!"

Isn't that a lot of ways to explain bounce? Remember kid's, there's not only one meaning to words.
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"Lez Bounce!"
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by -RANDOM.Tapatio- May 31, 2017
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