someone who lives in multiple occupancy accomodation.
Don't go for him darling, he looks a bit 'bottom bell'
by catolina May 3, 2003
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Cool pants from the 70's that had a flare on the bottom. Came back into style briefly in the 90's. Now known as 'flares'.
Those are some cool bell bottoms.
by Htod January 24, 2008
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A type of pants containing various kinds of bells (jingle, jangle, and/or jongle) in the entirety of the pant. This item was popularized by snipty the Christmas elf and by people who like to make stupid fucking puns.
(At an 80s Party)
Jim: do you like my bell-bottoms?????
Susan: who the fuck invited you.
by A fish December 26, 2018
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A ass that looks like its shaped as a bell with a perfect cross vertically and physically
Bruh she got a nice bell bottom ass
by Bell bottom ass August 14, 2017
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