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Bottle - whether you have the nerve to take on something.
Don't bottle it now you big bottler.
by Adam brandon August 02, 2004
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1)Transparent Container, usually for liquids that is narrow, circular-based, mostly handle-less and with an ever-narrowing top, where the opening is found.

2) To hit someone on the head with a glass bottle, smashing the bottle in the process.

3) Guts or determination

4) Female with no volouptous features, in comparison to 1)
1) Pass that bottle o' coke

2) I bottled him with some bud

3) You don't have the bottle for this

4) She looks like a bottle.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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When you need a bottle of alcohol to get through something.
Cicily: How was your exam?
Kelly: Ugh bottle.
Cicily: I hear that. Lets turn up.
by hunnadollabill November 06, 2013
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To break a bottle over someone's head, usually done from behind; great way to start a bar fight.
"Dude, shut the fuck up before I bottle you!"
by Efrum October 03, 2004
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The world can be a harsh and judgmental place, and because of this, many people feel pressured to keep their emotions in check in and show a tough exterior. There can be many reasons why some people turn to bottling up their emotions. It might be societal pressure to present yourself a certain way or to be β€œthe rock” of your family or friend group. Or maybe opening up yourself in the past has led to you being hurt. No matter what the reason, suppressing your feelings can damage your relationships with others and have some serious consequences both physically and mentally. Your pent-up feelings can manifest themselves in escapist behavior (like excessive drinking), physical and mental illnesses, and can potentially even shorten your lifespan.
I couldn't bottle it up any more.
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by ,...., ....... October 11, 2019
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