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When a Mr. Kenneth McCandless, one of many members of the popular free online game SoccerManager, logged onto the game's chat room, he wanted to express his boredom. However, a typo meant that the word spelt 'boted'. This caused the same expression from many of the other members who were on at the time; 'boted?'

It is now customary that when one member of the SM chatroom says boted?, other members on at the time must follow suit. No-one has any motive for doing so, other than boted?

SM community moderator Lee Bradbury (A.K.A Sky Blue Lee) once gave boted? it's true definition.
"Because the word boted? is followed by the response boted?, it is fair to say that boted? = boted?. It would as such be fair to assume that boted? is a paradox."

boted? can be classed as an underground meme. It's popularity is growing, and is slowly seeping onto YouTube and Facebook.
Member 1: boted?

Member 2: boted?

Member 3: boted?

Member 4: boted?

Member 5: boted?

M3: boted?

M1: boted?

M2: boted?

M5: boted?

M4: boted?

M6: Shut up.
by DrummerLee September 07, 2009
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