the spansih word for heart
esa ninia tiene me corazon
by Bryan Prado February 14, 2005
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the spanish word for heart. turn to ANY spanish soap opera and you'll hear it like a hundred times. (jk.)
Lady on Spanish Soap Opera: ...........CORAZON........
Man: ....CORAZON............
by Pr!nc3ss sHADOw May 12, 2009
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Corazon is a girl name she is funny,loud,weird,loving,nice,mean,and crazy she can be annoying but when you get to know her you all are chill, and sometimes people can’t say corazon because it’s Spanish so they just call her corry for short! She is an amazing girlfriend and loyal but when you break her heart she will never feel the same but she is always a person who is always there for others but she never worry’s about herself it’s kinda sad but she is a good person
by Moonlight fuckers November 7, 2020
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A character from one piece that is amazing in every way. He possesses the calm calm fruit and he is siblings with the war lord doflamingo.
Corazon is so hot

I love Corazon
by Chwicken May 29, 2021
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Spanish for "my love" or "my heart". a person will call you that if they truely love you.
by Haley's comet13 December 5, 2010
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Best concert venue and bar in Seattle,'s translation from spanish means "the heart"

I need to take a bus down to el corazon and have a good time for once.
by amp2012 April 12, 2009
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A Mexican nickname used for love and endearment to refer to a significant other or partner. In English meaning “heart of melon” being the sweetest part of a melon. Altogether referring to someone as sweet.
That boy/girl right there is my Corazon de melon.

Mi amor, mi Alma, Corazon de melon...
by Kawama May 18, 2021
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