Referring to oneself with the term meaning “I” instead of “I am” for comedic purpose.
“Yo soy am going to the gas station
by YosoyJack December 29, 2017
A word that can be placed in any location in any sentence. People who don’t understand it will think you’re crazy when you say it and they’ll look at you like you’re an idiot.
Pass me yo soy remote.

We won yo soy game!

Let’s go to yo so beach.
by Yo soy quien Yo soy November 29, 2017
Yo Soy El Moco is an American actor, rapper, and producer of music, television, and film. He's related to Adrián, Alex, and Aarón Amilián.
Yo wassup Yo Soy El Moco motherfucker.
by El_Moco February 12, 2021
What you hear when you watch Star Wars in Spanish instead of Luke, I am your father.
"Luke, Yo soy tu padre"
by aqueas May 22, 2004
A phrase used to denote the inherent retardation of the new monarchy fools who cannot keep their shit together on the other side of the Destiny 2 Baths encounter. It is often deemed astounding that individuals who play the tankiest class in the game are the cause of frequent and consistent wipes.
Mike: Yo Soy Raid?
David: Nah, I don't want to spend the next 50 years of my life in the baths.
by FWCFTW June 10, 2018
Soy Yo is a magical ancient dance that can resurrect people and make them vibe again. Only people who do the dance often can master it.
Girl: Can I do the soy yo
Boy: no ur lonely emo girl
Girl: fine
Boy: proceeds to soy yo
by idunna 2.0 November 25, 2020