a french word for brothel-not used in polite company
by frenchy November 14, 2004
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The French slang expression bordel de merde ("whorehouse of shit") is a more explicit variant of merde ("shit"), and is used to indicate one's frustration/anger/disappointment with a strongly unpleasant situation.

In some French regions, notably in the south of France, an even more eloquent variant is used with the wonderful expression "bordel ton cul qui pompe merde".

Literally: "whorehouse your ass that pumps/squirts shit."
Tu m'as foutu, bordel de merde! = You fucked me, fucking crap (whorehouse shit)!
Tu m'as foutu , bordel ton cul qui pompe merde! = You fucked me, whorehouse your ass that squirts shit!
by Gleufje March 21, 2017
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litteraly : "whorehouse of shit" it is a superlative of "merde" (shit ..turd) but used in a extremly disapointed situation example: a guy found out his girl getting pound by other men would say: " mais on etait supposés etre fidels l 'un a l'autre bordel de merde!! ( fuck!! we were supposed to be faithfull to eachother)
mais on etait supposés etre fidels l 'un a l'autre bordel de merde!! zut crotte putain
by moaddib June 4, 2015
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noun, French and Russian (бордель), masculine

1- Place where gentlemen can acquire the services of women of ill reputation, eg. your mom.
2- (Figurative) Filthy, inextricable mess.
3- (Interjection) Expresses intense feelings, most often anger and exasperation, sometimes surprise and/or contentment, or even whispered while slowly realizing that something just went terribly wrong.
"Mais c'est pas fini ce bordel ?" - Won't you turn it the fuck down ?
"Oh bordel." - A few frenchmen last words
by LordFriteuse June 9, 2017
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