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the definition by qd was way off. this word is a combination of "bop" and "popular". its bay slang. it refers to a female who is popular for being a bop. this female isnt necessarily gangster or good in bed, just hoochie. also, diligentz is not a rapper, its a rap group.
"she's bopular. every nigga in the hood done fucked wit her."
-words to the song bopular by diligentz
by yay area baby May 19, 2007
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Bopular is a combination of 2 words: popular and bop. Bop is short for bopper which means whore, slut, runner, and ripper. When you put the 2 words together u get "Bopular"

"Bopular" originated in the bay area.
Shes bopular, every nigga in the hood done fuck with her, If u get her alone she will fuck for sure.
by Pedro Sontavo January 29, 2008
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A female that becomes well known for giving bop.
She's bopular,
Shes super-duper bopular.
by trickster21 August 08, 2006
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girl that fucks everybody.known by everyone because she fucks everyone.
she be banging everyone.Thats why she be bopular.
by thizzybizzy September 22, 2007
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Usually a girl that gives head (oral sex) to multiple guys. The more guys she sucks the more bopular she becomes. It is a combination of two word Bop and Popular.
Dude, Cassie is getting Hella Bopular. she domed up 5 guys last night.
by chelseaaaa. June 13, 2008
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A slang, use by Diligentz, a rapper of the Bay Area. It means a female who's gangster, popular and/or good in bed. They replace the letter "P" for the letter "B" because it's stand for Bay Area.

A song "Bopular" - Diligentz ft. Go DAV
#1: "Damn, that beezie is hella Bopular."
#2: "Bet you 5 bucks, she's a hoe."
by qd. April 11, 2007
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