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A girl you've seen in the club that you want to suck your dick
So I met this girl at the club
And I just wanted her to suck my dick
And that's because Shes a boppin bitch
Now shes drunk and talkin to me a lot
Until we go to another room
And thats because Shes a boppin bitch
This little slut whore sucks cock for a little more bucks
Than them other sluts fuck for
Cause I didnt even knock on the front door
I used the welcome mat as a cum rag
And all the Wolves fucked her too yeah shes a cum bag
Filled with a bunch of shit I purchased at a drug store
Four more door looking sluts let me explore
til my cock got sore and started growing cold sores
Now she thinks that I like her
But all I really wanted was that mouth
And thats because Shes a boppin bitch
Now she text messages every day
And I dont ever hit that bitch back
And thats because Shes a boppin bitch
This little hoodrat started jockin at my jock strap
Until my uncircumcised penis finally unwrapped
Flapping up and down until the cack finally go splat
Now you gotta spat spit it out until you scat
Then you gotta sat and shit it out bitch fuck your feelings
You wasnt feeling shit when you was down there kneeling
Now shut the fuck up you got another dick to deal with
Now why cant we fuck with this bitch? Shes boppin
Wait tell him why we cant fuck with this bitch?
Now Im at a fuckin clinic
Cause my dick is swollen and keeps itchin
Nigga I'mma kill this bitch Shes a boppin bitch
Wheres my gun? Imma kill this bitch
by J-Rim reppin SF January 23, 2012
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Woman or really whiny guys who love to suck dick or eat pussy
Jenah is a boppin bitch. She sucked mine and the whole football team off.
by Dontmesswithmejenna February 13, 2017
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The act where a female bitch is so outraged and angry that she hits another human being on top of the head with force (could be with an object as well, such as a hand purse) and then yells profanity while in the act of boppin'
My friends and I were coming home from a late night of trolling at Factoria Square Mall when we witnessed two "boppin' bitches" hitting a large bald idiot guy over the head with their hands and purses. They were yelling "it's my fucking ride!" and abusing the man with force
by ryanboi August 28, 2011
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you're most likely a boppin' bitch, or a bop for short. <3
Guy1: She ain't suck my dick last night, bruh.
Guy2: 'Cause she a boppin' bitch.
by stankdaddy August 20, 2011
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