Something someone says when y’all not together just to keep you around
What are we ?
You mine but I’m single
by Raingn October 1, 2017
you not mine means something that does not belong to you
a married women saids "you not mine" trying to inform you to kindly dont take love of her
by november 2016 December 24, 2016
When your significant other tells you that you are theirs and only theirs
Girl: hey listen up
Boy: yes
Girl:"looks at his eyes with a stern look and grabs his face" You are mine

Boy: ok babe

Girl: 😊
by Mike the quiet one December 15, 2021
younger humans getting/giving a personal show of their 'treasures'...something to make the most liberal parent 'squirm'
we were playing show me yours i'll show you mine; in an abandoned shotgun shack.
by michael foolsley December 2, 2009

1. When you Ignore or show disapprove of someone because they didn't take the precautionary steps to prepare for a situation, and you have.

2. When you acquired your interest in a situation or objective, and feel that you have no more responsibility to completing that situation or objective.
Example 1: Expo Visit

Friend 1: I forgot to buy a Expo Ticket, so lets go wait in line.

Friend 2: Fuck you, got mine.
Example 2: Video Games

Friend 1: Finally, I found the strongest weapon for my character.

friend 2: well lets just finish the mission so I can get something too.

Friend 1: Fuck you, got mine.

by Kobolt September 13, 2013
Disinterest and even antagonization towards attempts of a close person or a person in a common group to achieve a goal.
Trans Men: Can you please help in raising awareness of trans people?

Kalvin Garrah: fuck you, got mine
by Lydiabc April 13, 2022