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The lazy, low-commitment version of the booty call

booty text from 555-5555
What are you doing? Wanna come over and sleep in my bed?
by april1 April 01, 2008
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Instead of the typical calling the friends with benefits for some ass, this makes it less personal and more straight to the point. Getting laid, some oral sex, or whatever else imaginable. . all at the ease of your cell phone and text messaging. Drunk booty texting is more common due to lost of inhibitions and the inability to speak coherently.
I want to have an all night sex session with CT, so i'll go and booty text him to see if he's game.
by leesha February 04, 2005
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A late night summon via text messages instead of calling, in order to engage in sexual activities.

Most commonly used when you are very horny and in a situation where you can not use your cell phone to make a call.

Can also be used when you know the other person is busy and unable to pick up the phone thus sending them a sms.
Text message sent at 10:23pm
'omg this family dinner is so boring, I am glad its finishing up soon. It's going to take me 20minutes to get to your place. Can I please come over!'

Text message replied at 10:24pm
'wow thats the first booty text I've received this year'

Scenario 2
Text message sent at 1am
'Hey baby I know your in a club atm, you reckon you can hop over to my place once u've finished partying at the club?'

Text message replied at 1:05am
'i am on my way, you shall booty text no more'
by sadistixx February 16, 2010
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When a friend sends the same message to more than one friend hoping to get a response. (This may also be referred to as a "mass text")

Victims of the booty text may feel deceived by the sender. While reading the message, they are not aware of the impersonal nature of the text.

The respectful implementation of the booty text involves letting the recipients know that the text is, in fact, a booty text.

Origin: The term, booty text, originally referred to guys who send the same message to multiple girls, hoping to get laid.
Janine: Maria texted me last night asking me to go to the movies.
Jody: She texted me the same thing.
Janine: Ughh, It was a booty text!

Example of a booty text: "I'm so bored, what's up girlie?" (The sender is desperate and hopes that any of the recipients will respond.)

Example of a respectful booty text: "I'm super bored, do you want to hang out? this is a booty." (The sender is desperate, yet respectful of the recipients.)
by Bill Ryder April 03, 2010
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