How big science niggas say excremental waste
Big science nigga 1: My damn cat been leavin' booty crumbs on the carpet smh...
Big science nigga 2: Damn, it really deadass be like that sometimes...
by The_Universe_N I G G A August 12, 2018
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small pieces of feces and or toilet paper caught in the hairs surrounding the anus.
Man you didn't wipe your ass right and now you have some serious booty crumbs...you know dried pieces of shit and toilet paper hanging from your ass hairs.
by David Meister April 05, 2006
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When Caleb is done with Sharlise he proceeds to eat her Booty Crumbs the piece a of shit left when you don’t wipe your asshole
by Chig Bungus January 02, 2019
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After you flush the toilet after dropping a deuce and it dont go down all the way it looks like crumbs
I took a giant shit and left booty crumbs
by smackthatass88 September 23, 2018
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