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The squishy part of the booty that sits right above the thighs and is really fun to squeeze and nibble on. Thus it's the butt of the booty, or the booty butt!
She squealed last night when I nibbled her booty butt!
by nudalu1126 April 09, 2013
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when your boyfriend/girlfriend is being a big meany and you can't come up with anything else to say without being mean so you say bootybutt
maaan, you are such a bootybutt!
by fransisca chariot April 07, 2011
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a pet name for you boyfriend/girlfriend. implies that they are a butthead but sometimes sweet. they are funny but you cant take them seriously most of the time. their favorite phrases include "i can't take you anywhere" and "i'm gonna have to beat you". also called butt butt, butt, & booty
guy: "im gonna have to beat you woman!"
girl: "ha! yea right, booty butt"
by cocktard February 06, 2010
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noun. Redundant but required activites, usually required by procedure and involving superfluourous paperwork, that are demanded by the upper management of coorporations in addition to your required responsibilities.

(overheard from Janelle, thanks!)
noun: We would have been out of our cubicles and home three hours ago had it not been for all this booty-butt.
by jodi frankford September 20, 2007
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