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Someone who might put up a front or appearance to be down or all for what's going on, only to back out from some "random occurence" or "seriously" legit reason.
Bello: Hey Lisey what's going on, are you coming out tonight?
Lisey: Nah sorry I can't my toe hurts and I don't feel like walking
Bello: Come on you've been saying you'd come all week and now you're backing out?
Lisey: Yea my thumb is killing me I can't even move it
Bello: I thought you said it was your toe
Lisey: Yea, I got to go
by Belllo April 10, 2005
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To be struck,jabed,skined,stabed,brushed by the male sex organ.
Paulina was booshe severly and ruthlessly in a devious manner.
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the sound of a person's head exploding when they experience something entirely too epic to even comprehend beyond physical limits and probability.
Guy 1: Have you seen Inception yet?
Guy 2: Im going tonight...

End Credits of Inception: Guy 2's head explodes
by Derek O'Rourke July 21, 2011
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To get large or macking air on a sandboard, snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.
"I Just got a sick air off that jump."
"Did it Booshe?"
"Yes, yes it did."
by Luke Marshall August 16, 2007
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the act of making a couch. verb form (booshing)
in noun form;(a booshe) a couch
proper noun;(boosher) someone who makes couches
"i love to booshe in my customers living rooms..."
"dude,why are you booshing in my room?!"
by luckylicker 123456789 June 06, 2009
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