A word used when making someone flinch. Usually a quick fist wave in front someone's face when they're not expecting it.

Used with extra O's when you really get someone good.

Can be used when actually hitting someone or something(by accident or intentionally).

Can also be used with additional words.
Jake: Hey Annie?

Annie: What?

(Jake swing's his fist towards Annie's face as she turns around to look at him)


Annie: ahhhhhhh!!! (as she bumps into the table)

Sue: That's a BOOSH TABLE BOOSH!!!
by scardiddilyboosh August 18, 2011
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something you call someone after telling them to hoosh

it means boi or dude or pal if you are talking to a lil bitch
this guy:"borf"
you:"hoosh hoosh ma boosh!!!"
via giphy
by borfinshmorfs June 22, 2017
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A hit or hard strike to something or someone. An exclamation. Sometimes proceeded by Wa- prefix or extra OOOOO's when harder or longer hit.
Boosh! Did you see that Knicks/Nugget fight?
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007
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1. To express a great amount of joy over something exciting, such as winning a DragonBall Z tournament.
2. The classic "cutler" saying.
3. To announce one's entrance to surrounding people.
4. To insult another person after triumphing over them in a videogame.
5. A bad screen name for Quake 3 matches.
1. Boosh! I won the DragonBall Z Tournament. This is soooo kewl!!!

2. Booooosh!!! You're such a flippin' jackass!

3. Boosh!! I'm here, the party can begin!

4. Boosh!!! Suck it down, I totally womped on you!

5. Booshmaster8000 wins again!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
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