Providing a boop to another being's nose or snout (stylized as snoot), preferably in a gentle or affectionate manner. Often, this is something one feels the need to do to cute animals. When animals boop each other's snoots, the general attitude of the boop must be taken on a case-by-case basis.
*sees an adorable puppy*

"Aw! Gonna boop the snoot!" *boops the snoot*
by thewheelbarrowqueen March 18, 2016
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Touching ones nose in an awkward fashion then getting licked
by boop a snoot November 28, 2017
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To have someone tap you on the nose in a way that may annoy or have a joke with you

(Thine in this context means mine)
by Nightmare_Shenpai September 25, 2018
(vb): The act of booping the snoot of your favorite animal and it so awesome and then you do the poot right in your pantalones because you just can't
Mark: Yo why you change your pantalones
Me: Cuz I did a boop snoot doot poot on a good boi today
Mark: Wtf does boop snoot doot poot mean
by Sir Baguette von Ballsack December 19, 2018
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A slang word for poking someone's nose also a fun thing to say
My friend poked my nose while yelling "boop a snoot"
by RAWR378 October 14, 2018
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A phrase popularized by meme culture which seems to have originated from the year 2017, whilst the peak of the phrase was originally from 2004 according to Google Trends.

This is a phrase uttered to refer to the gentle poking of the nose of an animal, thus deeming the phrase "Snoot" a derivative of "Snout" whilst the term "Boop" is implying that you are poking something, typically a nose or an animal's snout.

The phrase is usually used as an endearing way to describe ones love for their pet in the modern day, indicating that they enjoy gently poking their snout or nose.
Woman to her dog: Come here, let me boop the snoot.
*Gently pokes the nose of her dog*
by Sky69 May 5, 2023
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