The sticks, in the middle of no where. Usually associated with living out in the country.
Man, I live out in the boonies. It takes an hour an a half to get to the nearest gas station.
by Shelteredashley. November 23, 2002
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American, colloquial word for wilderness or places in the middle of nowhere, far from any civilisation
by lingualtreasure June 3, 2009
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A location so far outside the city limits, that even animals question your presence.
it takes me 2 and a half hours to get to school, cause i live out in the 'boonies'
by SmokedToast February 26, 2016
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A podunk area of the state in which usually nothing, not even shit, happens. Usually near a swampy land area - Which makes it a good place to lure crabs using slabs of raw meat tied to strings and a net to scoop them up with.
A: Argh! I can't believe I'm stuck out in the boonies this early in the morning.
b: Well, you agreed to join me in catching crabs which we must get started on before the sun comes up.
by Vernon Conan Chan January 4, 2005
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short for BOONDOCKS. that shit came from filipinos. BOONDOCKS was derived from BUNDOK (accent over the O), which is tagolog for mountains or something. mountainous area? i dunno. somewhere FAR.
that bigass BUNDOK is in the boonies.
by the truth speaker November 19, 2003
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Any persons who were employeed by Fort Harrod Drama Productions Inc. of Harrodsburg, Kentucky for sole purpose of producing outdoor drama - theatrical productions including but not limited to "The Legend of Daniel Boone," "Shadows in the Forrest," "Daniel Boone- The Man & The Legend"
"The Boonies kicked Tecumseh's ass in bowling!"
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The conjunction of boobies and poon aka vagina. Not just one of the two, it's both.
"Did you see her boonies?"
"No just her tits."
"Then it doesn't count."

"We've had sex, but she won't show me her boonies."
"Man tough break, you're not really livin'."
by ksheree February 21, 2009
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