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Booncake, a person that sucks in every aspect of gaming.
Fucking booncakes piss me right off,that one was a right fucktard!
by Deviousness Xiod May 19, 2011
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A person who is a bit of a twat and can be used when someone is unfair to you.
The word usually confuses the other person so you know you have won.
Can also be used while playing pro evo and you're losing..
Can be used to call someone when you dont know their name!

Without 'cake' it can mean 'ass'
"You're an absiolute booncake"

Me: "Yo booncake"
You: "What does that mean? haha"
Me: "Don't laugh if you don't know what it means, booncake"

The score is 1-0.. "Aww you're a booncake!"

Without 'cake' - "mate, smell your boon.."

by Jackie Fullerton March 27, 2009
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