Dancing. This is an old ass word from way back when.
My friend Danny likes to boogey to Ludacris songs.
by Kelly June 26, 2004
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A word often used as a pet name. Meaning an amazing person, or someone you just can't get enough of. Also Lights used on a motorcycle to make it appear its moving at the speed of light.
Boogey I love you!

Man thats my Boogey I give him/her everything.
by Mr. Hoe bagg August 31, 2010
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A boogey; noun. A person whom may be stalking another person’s socials to find exposure material in attempt to ruin said person’s reputation.
Person 1: Maaan where’s that one pic where she was hugging up on that guy in the club, I know she posted it.
Person 2: Why do you even need it?
Person 1: To ruin her new relationship of course, she basically ruined mine.
Person 2: The fuck? You a boogey, huh?
by pussypoper July 15, 2019
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An individual who spends an inordinate amount of time picking their nose. A serious farmer also eats their own crops.
Stopping at a red light while driving, I noticed a boogey farmer next to me harvesting some crops.
by boozemover February 14, 2012
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boogey boo is a term coined from a cripn cousisns video. boogey boo refers to weed
Man I smoked some boogey boo last night.
by luckycharmshtown June 19, 2009
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