Noun, A term of endearment,toward a young child,usually African American.It's especially used in Baltimore, by single,unattached mothers to convey not only tender affections, but family status, upon the young infant,and preschool sons, who are their nearly constant companions.Origin of this definition may be from the Hannah Barberra cartoon,Yogi Bear, in which Yogi is befriended by his cute, but wise,little sidekick BooBoo, with whom he has a close, bumbling but kind,paternal relationship.
Ain't no gentlemen o' dis ho(u)se, but my Boo,Damone,is his Momma,s lil' man.
by 'patria moon' June 25, 2006
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an affectionate name for the one you love lots and lots or the one you really like. a name for a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner etc. Regularly used in r'n'b songs.
eg. but luke, i want my cuddle my boo.
by katieboo April 19, 2007
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Used to call your friends this. Way different meaning than a babe or baby. Girls usually call each other this. If a girl call a guy this it doesn't mean anything, she's just being friendly.
Rosa: hi boo!
Eric: hi friend!
by jesssyyy.___ September 13, 2016
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a nick name you call your boyfriend (girlfriend) or best friend and you can annoy the heck out of someone by saying boo nonstop
1. Hey my boo
2. Boo x10000
by Melissa:) January 05, 2017
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Girlfriend / boyfriend. Some people use it as I love you. Or the word ghosts use to scare people
Boo! Frank said. I love you boo. Hi boo
via giphy
by MineKing2435 August 28, 2016
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A non-gender specific name/term of endearment inferring affection but not necessarily

Also be used as a non distinct friendly nickname that indicates comfort and familiarity that in no way means any commitment too anyone
I can hardly wait until my boo gets a chance to be there.
by JR Seeow March 07, 2017
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A) Derived from the word booty call.

B) One of the most annoying things a ditzy girlfriend will call her boyfriend.

C) Man or woman in the ghetto..

D) A word use to scare people
A) Shit, look at that boo!"

B) Girlfriend's Twitter: OMG I can't wait to see my boo!

Rest of the world: Shut the fuck up!

C) Dag, boo. You stoopid.

D) Booo! Did I get ya?
by bartender@LA February 03, 2010
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