That chick hot, I would love to bone her.
What we had last night was a good bone
by Babyflex October 02, 2011
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cool; awesome; cool to the core
Man, that movie was so bones! I want to see it again" or "Did you see those new shoes? Those are bones
by B-Rizzle Dizzle November 16, 2010
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1. Term used to describe someone with a protruding sternum and a skeletal body type.

2. Nickname given to Dr McCoy by Captain Kirk.

See also:
ashtray; carcass; birdcage
by Brad March 01, 2004
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Used at the end of a message when talking to a buddy. When in person after saying good-bye to a bro, you usually throw in a hand-shake or props. The term bones is a text message or e-mail version. BONES
Eh boy's camping trip this summer, frankie grab the food, barlow grab the beer, burney your driving, and tay and strainer text up the broads. See yuh then boys

by BonesB4L April 27, 2010
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