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learn about
"I'm gonna go bone up on my history facts"
by Aeon102 May 17, 2004
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to revise.
I had to bone up on my algebra in time for the exam
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
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To take the bones from chicken wings served at a fast food resteraunt and dump them in the restroom toilet , followed by taking a dump creating a filter for only liquid to pass with solids remaining.
Put all your bones together guys, I'm gonna bone up the shitter before we leave.
by Jessy Pootunger February 20, 2017
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Greg: Are we gonna 'bone up'

Everyone: shut the fuck up, but fine we will get a joint on the go
*finished rolling*
Greg: I don't feel like smoking

Everyone: ... Uuuuuuggghhhh ffs
by Reading2k13 February 05, 2014
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Slang term for getting stoned and masturbating at the same time.
I was bored and had some weed, so I found a couple of porno mags and started to bone up.
by silentounce January 23, 2009
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