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A raw deal; a scam. Something rigged with a negative charge for the victim.
That blind date you fixed me up with was a total bone job.

I followed up on a used car I saw advertised in the classifieds but it turned out to be a bone job.
by Pat Ireland July 12, 2005
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A classy and discreet way of refering to railing some random slut. Takes its name from its sister term, blowjob.
Tack: Dude, I totally gave some chick a serious bonejob last night."
Freeman: He's talking about sex!"
by Red Freeman August 28, 2004
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A person who acts like they have a degree from Harvard but clearly does not. Hates sports, rock, rap and secretly wishes it was socially acceptable to wear a kilt. Likes to hang in the woods and sing, opposed to getting drunk in a bar. Uses unnecessary, complicated words even when he orders food at McDonald's. Only drinks wine and port, because beer is way too pedestrian. Also challenges people to drinking contests, only to be puking and begging for God to spare his life by 8pm.
I invited a coworker to a case race, he claimed to be a drinking machine, but turned out to be a bonejob!
by broman1 December 13, 2009
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Bone+Job (verb) when a woman stores bones in one's mouth from eating boney meat such as chicken or ribs and performs oral sex on a male with the bones still in the mouth.
Guy 1: " Duude Shannon gave me a bone job last night in my camaro!"

Guy 2: " That sounds awful."
by KrazyeBone187 March 11, 2009
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Getting fisted by a person missing a hand and using only a job.
She sent elbow with that bone job
via giphy
by wigglebang September 26, 2018
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