Mysterious character from J.R.R Tokiens The Lord of the Rings. His ancestry, creation, or relation to the other races of Middle earth have never been definitely proven. Tokien said in various letters that he left bombadil as a mystery and purposefully left little info on him. Tom Bombadil in Lotr appears to be all powerful and perhaps imortal. It has been theorized that Bombadil may be a Maia, the Vala Alue, one of the various spirits who entered middle earth with the valor, or even the god of middle earth Iluvatar.
The riddles of Tom bombadil are perhaps the biggest and most interesting of all of Middle earth
by TJ February 26, 2005
Last name of wordTom Bomdabil/word, the jolly ally of all protagonists in wordArda/word.
Tom Bombadilo!
by larstait October 16, 2003
"Tom put his mouth to the crack and began singing into it in a low voice. They could not catch the words, but evidently Merry was aroused." (J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring)
"We went back to his and tried a bit of The Tom Bombadil, but he didn't really have the voice for it. I prefer tenors..."
by Moorf97 February 1, 2022