1- A small beetle most well known for it's damage to the cotton industry.

2- A song by originally written by Huddie Leadbetter, John A. Lomax, Alan Lomax. Has been recorded by countless rock and country artists, and also by real musicians.
1- The cotton crop was ruined by Boll Weevil's.

2- 'They performed Boll Weevil to end the show.'
by BadgersNadgers July 24, 2006
The nickname of a Democratic senetor from Texas.
The Republicans are better than the Boll Weevils.
by Pat Lapiene September 29, 2003
A certain weevil of the boll persuasion which, if it were to spaff a city, would demolish said city.
/ \ _________
l (.)_\ / \
\ mm< SNORT. l
\ / \_________/
by My name is Nate Thin. March 11, 2005
Alex the big-cocked Weaver.
Hey, Boll Weevil! Don't spaff a city!
by Nate March 11, 2005
1. Full Boll Weevil

Losing control of all bodily functions while still remaining conscious as a result of heavy drinking, resulting in puking, pissing, and shitting yourself at the exact same moment in time, but not being able to do anything about it.
"Sheesh, what the hell’s up with Doc? He’s flat on the ground, face-up, and smiling out there in the cold!"
"Oh, man, he just did the Full Boll Weevil after drinking too many Cuba Libres and smoking too much KB."
"Poor SOB needs a shower and a complete change of clothes!"
by The Evil Boll Weevil April 25, 2007