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A Bojon is, which is that during the great European immigration of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the French would see Slovenians passing through on their way to America and say, "Look at those good-looking Slavic dudes." In French, that would be beaux gens, which, in America, via Ellis Island, turned into Bojons.
Quelle Beaux gens (bojon).
by airgolf September 11, 2008
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c. 1900. Probably combined and condensed from Bo-hemia + Hun-gary. Used as a pejorative.
A very stupid person of Central/Eastern European Slavic descent who works with their back instead of their head. Fit only for manual labor, the bojon nonetheless frequently finds him/herself in political office, especially in areas of heavily bojon dominated constituency in the USA, as well as the backward, shithole areas of Europe where they originate. The bojon is characterized by a very brief attention span and being unable to perform tasks requiring much mental agility. Ideally suited for repetitive tasks, as long as it doesn't involve anything very important.
The stupid bojon was unable to pour the piss from his boot, even though the directions were clearly written on the heel.
by Heinz Metzgraf June 02, 2004
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