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To boiler up (also see, "boiler-up") means to take a hot, fat, steamy dump.
After a night of drinking at the Upstairs, and a late night run to Taco Bell, Matt P. went home to boiler up.
by Matt Painter November 01, 2007
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v _ To lose control and make critical mistakes at critical times, costing a chance at victory; v _ to overestimate one's talent versus the talent of nearby rivals, causing disappointment
See: Purdue Univesity men's basketball players "boiler-up" in basketball; Purdue University's basketball fans "boiler-up" to compare their team to that of Indiana University, historically
by Indiana Dave November 06, 2007
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A common saying by a student or fan of Purdue University (Indiana) that is used to signify the person's love for Purdue. Also can be used to find other Boilers in large crowds at games.

Mostly heard during Breakfast Club and tailgating. Can also be used in a strong sense in the phrase "Boiler the fuck Up!"
Kris: "Boiler Up!"
Avid Purdue fans: "Boiler Up!"
by Heather Nicole September 16, 2007
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