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A recognition of a person. Can be used either in a friendly manner or as an insult.
If you not with Dipset get the f*** out of here boi boi!

I haven't seen you in forever boi boi.
by The Wig Splitta' December 30, 2005
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boiboi bo-ee-bo-ee A military recruit who does not wish to burden him/herself after training and instead demands another party (usually a domestic helper) to bear it for him/her.
"Look! It's that boiboi."

Once upon a time, there was a boiboi.
by boiboittm August 02, 2011
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A word that describes hood talk

A word that describes expression

You can use this word everytime you finish a sentence

I went to da club, da girls wanted me boiboi

don waste ya time, supaslap dat hoe boiboi
by numba1 August 19, 2007
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