A recognition of a person. Can be used either in a friendly manner or as an insult.
If you not with Dipset get the f*** out of here boi boi!

I haven't seen you in forever boi boi.
by The Wig Splitta' December 31, 2005
Like "son" or "boy"... A tearm used for a close hommie or nigga.
Let's roll out boy boy...
by Killa Cam February 12, 2004
A gay guy under the age of twenty-five.
We're gonna go down to the Gay Bar and cruise for some boi-bois!
by Fen-Fen June 15, 2009
street slang for heroin, similar to that white girl for cocaine.
by whatdafuhk June 6, 2007
1. a male of low intelligence

2. a boy actin fake; a snake
Sike nigga, its a prank. I gotchu this time boof boy/boi.

Is that fake gucci? You lookin like a boof boy/boi dead ass.
by niggahlishous September 6, 2017
The opposite of fuckboy, someone who goes to church camp and loves their grandmas
"Aw let me pinch your cheecls, come here cutie boi boi"
"Grandma stop! Not in front ofy friends!"
by Shaggyg April 9, 2015
When a man wants to get a ladys attention, he yells this, thinking he is playa. When in reality, he sounds like a man yelling at a little child who he is about to rape, which would cause the mother figure to be on alert. This causes everyone trouble. Therefore, never say it because you will sound like an ignorant fool.
"Ayyo, fine lady, you wanna holla atchur boi boi?"
"Hell nah, you bes step off wigga"
by Catherine-n-Brian January 3, 2003