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A Bogel is a problem, issue, or dilemma. Not to be confused with Vogel's bread
Hey Buck, you look diseased. What's your bogel?
by Sauce Pants October 21, 2008
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A bogel is a Malaysian spambot.

The spambots appear in irc chatrooms, paste a line of text and then leave. The text is usually in Malaysian and includes a line of text and a link to a webpage supposedly offering porn. The text in their message almost always contains the word 'bogel'. This is where the spambots get their name.

Anyone who visits their webpage and downloads the .zip file, opens it and clicks on the .exe file inside will get a hidden copy of mirc installed in their system folder which turns them into a spambot without theit knowledge.

Bogel is also the Malaysian word for 'naked'.
05:14 *** Bee_blind (sbzi@210.186.110.JM228=) has joined #tommyboyd
05:14 <Bee_blind> weii korang semua jom tgk gambar blue free!! masuk sini --> www.(edited).com/pelajar-smk-beromen takpun masuk ni www.(edited).com/latestbogel
05:14 -Bee_blind:#tommyboyd- Download video clips datin secara percuma di www.(edited).com/latestbogel
05:14 *** Bee_blind (sbzi@210.186.110.JM228=) has left #tommyboyd
05:14 <SimonApe> bogel!
05:14 <LaaLaa> bogel
05:14 <|Queen|> Yay! Bogel!
by Dan February 19, 2005
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