a bogan is typically an australian with a strong accent. usually wearing stubbies and a flannelette shirt. follows the NRL and usually has an obsession with cars, esp. fords.
*guy watching NRL on tv and shouting at the tv*
'what a bogan'
by taliah April 30, 2007
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People from Berowra (northern sydney)
Most in this area are members of BoGaN3K, many have names such as Shazza, Bazza, Gazza etc. they love their holdens and fords
by lora October 16, 2003
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A person of native american descent who is unemployed and drinks mouthwash or Lysol to get drunk. Also known as rubbies
"Nah, I dont want to walk through the park, too many bogans"
by Nobis July 29, 2003
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a person who lives in a trailer, has no money and has frequent sex with their parents
bob is such a bogan, did you see him and his mum last night??
by lucas_nom_nom October 02, 2009
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In Western Australia, "bogans" are termed "bogs". "Bogan" actually derives from the name of a small rural town in NSW.
"Geez, the whole pub is chocka with bogs. Let's go somewhere else."

"No way I'd live in Mandurah, it's full of drunk bogs."

"On my first trip to the Eastern States, somebody called me a bogan."
by drongoman March 24, 2009
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An extremely dumb, racist and rude specimen found in parts of rural Australia. They are a waste of air and should be disposed of properly if found.
"Did you hear about the Bogan on the train last night????"
"Yeah he was pissed and was yelling racial slurs at a black man"
by UncleBennyBoy October 12, 2014
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A fascinating beast. The majority of the species are hideously repugnant and unintelligent, and yet they manage to breed in ever-increasing numbers and populate an area known as the outer west. It is quite common to find five or six offspring in each family group, often with a different father for each new baby.

Their habitat consists of a weatherboard or brick-veneer dwelling and is characterised by an early-model Holden or Ford in the driveway surrounded by a group of males discussing why the carby is stuffed and the results of last night's footy (a primitive gladiator-like spectator sport enjoyed by most bogans).

The female of the species, while smaller in stature, is far more loud and aggressive than the male. While the males tend to be very friendly and congregate with other males, the females spend most of their time in supermarkets and shopping malls, using a shrill high-pitched call to discipline their children and contact other females.

Males and females rarely interact socially except during breeding season, which is otherwise known as Friday night. During this time, females are allowed to enter the male-dominated area known as "the pub" and display their impressive coloured plumage to a prospective mate.

Here lies an intersting phenomenon. Males will often fight over a particularly attractive female and she will mate with only one male, while less attractive females have been known to have several partners simultaneously.

Credit to Brad for the Definition.
Ben: Oh my god, have you seen that girl? She's such a Bogan!!!!
Will: You mean Kayla?
Ben: YES!!!
Will: Your so right.
Kayla: Whatcha fellas up too? Me and the sheila's are going out, wanna come?
Ben: Just ignore it and it will go away.
by BenRidley August 11, 2017
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