Abbreviation of Australia. Pronounced as one syllable. Aussies tend to tilt their head to the side as they say it, unlike Canadians who shrug their shoulders when they say "Canada"
Canadian: Where are you from?
Aussie: *tilts head* Straya. What about you?
Canadian: *shrugs* Canada.
by drpeps July 15, 2006
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Straya the bogans way of say Australia often used by Aussies all over the world to describe their country.
If you ever get told to say the posh "Australia" tell whoever told you to say it to get stuffed.
by WEIRDOSUNITE November 11, 2016
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"Man Straya is so hot!"
by Bman111 February 18, 2017
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The fukin shit cunt. Were you live if you ride a fukin Roo to school and drink fukin VB 24/7. If you don't live in Straya ur a fuk cunt.
Larry: I live in Straya, the fukin greatest nation on planet Earth.
Steve: Oh, I live in Australi...
Larry: Shut the fuk up Steve you fuk cunt, GTFO of this fukin nation you discrase.
by MINI RANGA JESUS May 31, 2019
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A island/country that's bloody stinkin hot
And where everything can and most of the time will ya most of the time
Don't be afraid to go down to ya local deli to grab a dare and a meat pie though,better watch out for magpies mate!
"Oi you numbat, we're in Straya raya not the bloody states you can't shoot people at school here!"
"Are you even from Straya if ya don't were thongs and drink vb mate?"
by Bushwacka pattysmacka May 6, 2019
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The best fuckin' country in the world. If ya miss ya bus, you can just catch a kangaroo. Gotta look out for drop bears though, they're real sneaky cunts. And don't forget to feed ya fucking pet croc. Mate
by Ashmn132 November 1, 2013
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