A slang reference to one's own testicles. Bofa- meaning both of, and deez- meaning these. Yes, I just did break it down like that.
some random chick: Hey, what's touching my shoulder right now?
some dude: Bofa
the chick again: Bofa?
the dude: Bofa deez nuts... biotch!
by Jo Dizzle August 31, 2006
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Both of the tesicles on the male operating the statement.
Man 1: "Have you seen Bofa?"

Man 2: "No I haven't who is that?" Man 1: "Bofa deez nuts!!"
by ElBetoRgz May 17, 2016
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To throw your partner into a pile of something
I heard Martha got thrown into a Bofa Deez
by uglywet August 22, 2015
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