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Kid #1: "Oh man, check out that thing, man."
Kid #2: "Whaddaya wanna do with it?"
Kid #1: "Let's launch over it!"
(A Jeep pulls up)
G.I. Joe: "Who wants a body massage?" *hums to himself*
Kid #2: "Uh, what did he just say to us?"
G.I. Joe: "Oooh... Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!"
Kid #2: "Uhhhhhh... what the Hell?"
G.I. Joe: "Body massage."
by The J-Spot January 17, 2005
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Used to indicate to friends that a girl is someone with whom you would like to give/receive a full body massage with. It is best used in the presence of the person or when they can barely hear you so as to leave them unsure and to make them think that might be what was said, but leaving them a little unsure. When used in this way, your normal for is not used. Most often said in a deep throaty voice, but can also be in pretty much an other kind of voice to emphasize and lengthen it.
As 2 friends are walking along, a hot chick passes by and one says "body massage" to his friend as she passes.
by London Ed July 25, 2006
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A New Jersey slang expression for beating the hell out of someone with a baseball bat. Also known as a Jersey massage or a Louisville Slugger beatdown.
That asshole Tony's been hitting on my girlfriend again. A hardcore body massage, and a month in intensive care, should give him something else to think about.
by Led Zeppole March 10, 2004
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