verb. 1. The opposite of discombobulate. To compose, or to leave confusion. 2. To leave a state of bewilderment and enter a state of rightness. 3. To full on thrash befuddlement.
"After a slight mix up I was able to full on bobulate with 'Nicksters at the record label."
by Esau Kessler May 14, 2007
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In order to make a ripstick move one must bobulate
by David Costas February 13, 2008
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an adjective to describe an overly fat or rotund person
Dude check out that chick. She's fucking bobulous.
by tackleking123 March 28, 2011
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being in a state of confusion / similar to "discombobulated" (to throw into a state of confusion), yet the opposite of "combobulated" (to remove from a state of confusion)
The monk was bobulated without his usual morning brekkers

The nun had always been bobulated, despite the monk's best efforts to discombobulate her...

We are all completely bobulated !
by taffertaffer August 15, 2010
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A person of middle class who has a sexual fetish for bourbon biscuits.
Oh Terry, why are there all these bourbon biscuit crumbs in the bed?! Are you on that bobulation diet?
by Callum And Tessa October 12, 2008
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The swinging motion of a man's balls as they smack against their fornication partner's ass. From the Latin origin "bobu".
The camera was positioned at such an angle as to highlight the bobulation between his legs.
by Head Quarters June 2, 2020
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adj. when something is very cool and swag
bro that is so bobulous
by shahsbsgNsjcbxnKaa December 6, 2021
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