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The act of someone rocking their head up, down and all around in a bobbling motion while thizzing mad balls.
"Jesus dude, Tha Producer is bobble heading so hard he looks like he has tourettes."

"Wow that kid is straight bobble heading his brains out, tight."
by HU Soldier October 29, 2007
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The mass nod of agreement during a meeting to comments made by the boss.
Man, the whole room was bobbleheading during that metting.
by Chad McAfee April 23, 2008
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In the act of extreme drunken sex the person on top is riding you so hard your head is bobbing like a bobble head while trying to keep conscious.
Jay: My neck is killing me

Justin: Why?
Jay: I went over Alyssa's house an it ended up being bobble heading night.
by Jason Gracia May 17, 2014
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To vigorously agree with something by nodding your head up and down (like a bobblehead) without saying anything.
As the boss explained his new strategies, all the sales people were Bobbleheading.
by CyranoWriter May 08, 2015
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