A female in the Navy, most likely below average looking but since she's outnumbered 5 to 1 by men, she gets lots of male attention and puts out to the highest bidder.
If a man asks for your phone number, and you give him a J-dial, you might be a boat ho.
by Big Papi November 8, 2006
a song from the movie stepbrothers that kicks ass
boats and hos
boats and hos
gotta have me my boats and hos
by tobyDAMMIT February 14, 2009
The act of showing off specifically for the benefit of a member of the opposite sex.
"Dude why were you flaunting your curling skills back there?"
"I was just sweepin' 'n creepin' man, you know how i be"
"you were TOTALLY ho boating for Tiffany you slut"
by Kercher's Castle January 25, 2017
A scruffy manly man who has sex with a lot of women. Think ho and think hobo. All ladies that go on this ship want the D. The Ho boat goes from port to port collecting various women in an attempt to satisfy is ego and appetite for Vagine.
That ho boat sleeps with a lot of women.
by pimp, player, hustler, whore, October 11, 2013