a bmxer is someone who doesnt care and just has fun riding his bike that is too small for him, isnt allways on his bike liek skaters are on their boards and can often be found socialising with friends and stuff often only does things for a laugh adn no time is ever serious
see andi jackson
revolt bmx
bmxers !
by bmxis cool October 16, 2005
Someone who rides a bmx. Does tricks and dangerous stuff to make it look cool. Can often be found hanging with 'skaters' and/or 'mountain bikers'
Townies are often seen on bmxs, and tell all their 'bredrins' about how good they are. dont believe them they are all crap. A bmxer usually wears jeans, mainly because they are protective, also coz they are cooler than stupid 'akademik' tracksuits.(dont u just love the irony in 'akademik') Townies dont like bmxers, but they dont hate them like skaters.
*bmxer is doing a dirt jump from a hill*
Townie: Oi f*cking gimme dat bike m8
Bmxer:no, its harder than you think
*townie steals bike and rides up the hill*
Bmxer: go on then, do the jump...
Townie:This F*cking bike is f*uckin shit i aint riding it
Bmxer:your just scared lol
*townie chases bmxer for a few seconds then gets out of breath and has to have a fag*
by booboo October 13, 2004
1. Someone who enjoys riding BMX. Not talking about freestyle riders(wannabe skaters) But racers who are on their bikes for almost more time than they walk. BMXer's live the common motto, "BMX till death" or "BMX till I die."
2. Someone who lives in the state of happiness when on a bike. Hardcore BMXers find BMXing as their "state of relaxation."
Today my friend Connor, the BMXer, rode his bike all across town.
by Nick Gonzales January 1, 2008
Ratty gnarly dudes who ride bikes. usually all they care about is the bike and there friends. they either spend all day talking about there bikes, fixing there bikes, riding, or watching bmx videos. theyre always stoked on filming. there fashion usually consist of girls jeans, a shoestring for a belt and any empire bmx shirt or any bike comapany for that matter. they try there best to look ratty, aka not showering for days and then bragging about not taking showers. they usually drink mickeys or sparks, lonestar if youre in tx. if you ask anyone at any given moment if they like lucero they "love it".
ah dude me and ken are gonna go dig trails and drink beer. afterwards were going town on our bmxer bikes and shredding. text me!
by wensue March 21, 2008
someone who rides a bike that is much too small for them but they dont care because it is what they like doing and townie suck ass
by mason bmxer September 17, 2003
One who ruins ledges and runs people over.
"Remember when these used to be good ledges?"

"Yeah, then those damn bmxers came."
by Doornail April 4, 2005
Guys anywhere from age 13 to 50 riding 20in bikes doing gnarly ass tricks like balancing on their front tires and doing jumps bigger than their own bikes while riding backwards.
Woah! Did you see that Bmxer?! He did a truckdriver down that stairset! Sick!
by req.pic January 24, 2021