Means a person who is non-pvp interested and will do anything to avoid player vs. player confrontation.

Originated from EverQuest where the non-pvp servers are tagged the color blue and the pvp servers are tagged red.
That <name> is such a damn bluebie.
by Myrdin October 10, 2003
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A marijuana joint (Or "Doobie") rolled in blueberry-flavoured rolling papers.
Holy hell, Ben Smith rolls a mean bluebie!
We got mothafuckin bluebies!
by Bennnn Smith September 23, 2006
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What Mystique of X-Men fame has between her blue neck and her blue abdomen.
The three best things about X2 are the beautiful opening action sequence and Mystique's bluebies.
by ninechars May 22, 2007
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Used in the Halo video game series and Everquest.

1. A bluebie is one who is devoted to the "blue" team in Halo and Halo 2. He will do anything in his power to obliterate all reds. If put on the red team, a bluebie will have a dangerous effect. These effects include team-killing, swearing, constant whining and stealing the best weapons/vehicles and hiding them. (Or, in some manners, blowing them up.) The bluebie is truly a marvel of discovery -- and also a very dangerous one if placed on the opposite team.

2. A bluebie in Everquest is one who will not engage in player vs. player combat.
1. Red Guy: Who's that team-killing idiot on our team? He's taking all our vehicles and sending them into blue territory!
Bluebie: For the BLUUUUUZZZZZ!!!!!

2. The bluebie refused all fight challenges. He then was made fun of.
by Mehro December 28, 2004
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