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What is seen as a fart is lit. Mostly blue in color with a hint of orange.
by ZSP December 16, 2004
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An alcoholic beverage with an Irish whiskey base that, when lit, will have a blue flame to it. Produces a nice blaze, and is more enjoyable in a dimly lit room, where the flame can be appreciated.
Mel: "I so drank a blue blazer for the first time last night"
Fran: "That's cool, and who the hell are you?"
Mel: "Oops, wrong definition"
by Michael Stevenson August 04, 2008
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Place a lighter outside of your clothes(underwear, pants panty's, shorts, so on...)put against your anus. Blast a large explosive flatulence (fart). While blasting one, light the lighter for a Blue Blazer flame.
A gaseous combustion released by the anus once lit with a flame causes a Blue Flame.

Today on the bus Sean put his legs on the back of the seat and took a lighter out and lit his farts. Causing a Blue Blazer.
by Slick Parkdale September 15, 2006
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