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a person who always has to announce to all other people in his immediate company who and how many cops he knows. Said person is always making stupid small talk with cops, i.e. on details, in coffee shops, etc. Their obnoxious ass-kissing usually purports a certain discomfort level to the pigs they are conversing with.
Gas Utility Worker: "Hey Pete, haven't seen you down The VFW lately, did you get that boat of yours out of the water yet?"

Detail Cop: " Uhh yeah, I did three months ago in December, Jim, I mean Tom..."

Gas Utility Worker: " Yeah I heard Captain Jones, you know, Jonesy, was in the paper last week listed as the second highest paid cop in the city. Yeah I went to grammar school with his neighbors cousins ex-wife not too long ago in '73."

Disco: " Man, look at Tom go, he truly is a fucking blue nose!"
by cMoney Disco November 07, 2009
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by January 30, 2017
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According to Webster's Dictionary:

n.- one who attempts to impose his or her
moral code upon others.

In other words: A purtianical person who
tries to dominate your way of life by forcing
THEIR way of life down your throat.

An aggressive prude that engages in censorship,
behaves like a puritain, and condemns you as
if they were a religious zealot because they
are acting like so full of pride when they are
really full of shit.
Some bluenoses get TOO aggressive in their
idea in censorship. They need to get 21st
century and get laid.
by CDSmith1967 March 19, 2006
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Having great discomfort in your nasal passages after a partial sneeze, equivalent in discomfort to Blueballs from withholding a male orgasm in sexual intercourse.

An analogy coined by NovaWar and MaximusBlack of Life's A Glitch TV to help describe the pain of succumbing to a partial sneeze.

FOGL Fail Cup Show Match Game 2 -- Starcraft 2 LAGTV
"Half a sneeze, which is just painful and no fun." "It's the worst, it's like blueballs for your nose...bluenose."
by DavidELD November 27, 2012
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When you have that feeling that you are about to sneeze, so you make the stupid face like you are about to orgasm, and you sit there and wait, and wait, maybe stare at the sun or do a couple quick sniffles hoping to hurry the sneeze up.... and then you lose it. And it hurts and it sucks and your life is ruined.
Yo dog I felt a little tickle right above my sick moustache so I prepared myself for this epic sneeze, I mean I had on my O-face, lookin up in the sky just waitin for the magic to happen, and then.... nothing. I got blue nose!
by DMONEY$$$ July 29, 2010
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A blue nose - A fan of the Scum (or Birmingham City F.C). Ususally used by Aston Villa fans. It used to be derrogatory, but now is often used by the bluenoses themselves.
Villan - "Wheeeeey, you scummy blue noses.. 3-1 .. Cahill's a legend!"

Blue nose - "Fair enough."
by Shay_AVFC October 14, 2007
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the only sail boat that never lost a race. fastest sail boat in the world from nova scotia canada
bluenose poons u all
by donalddonkey June 14, 2005
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