When a girl gets blue nails it typically means she has a significant other or/ aka, a boyfriend. Females use this color to let other people know she is no longer available.
Erica’s boyfriend told her to get blue nails so it’s known that she’s taken
by rokandroll December 4, 2020
When a girl has blue nails it means that she is taken
Harry: Look at her! Do you think I can get ger snap?
Tom: Nah bro, she has blue nails she’s taken
by yourgirlfriend6969 August 7, 2022
Blue nails mean you want to do anal
“Hey Eva I see you have blue nails on today
“So what I like them?
“So you wanna do Anal with me ?”
by Heymummy November 5, 2021
when a girl has light blue nails, you know they have a boyfriend
Jake : hey that girl over there’s pretty cute, should i get the snap?
Josh : nah dude she’s got a man, look at her light blue nails
by beachbum1279 May 16, 2021
What light blue nails mean is that when a girl has light blue nail polish on she has a boyfriend.
“Yo man look how cute that girl is ima go ask for her snap”
“Bro do you not see her light blue nails she has a boyfriend
by Chickennugs4life July 15, 2021
When a girl has light blue nail polish it is code for “I have a boyfriend” because when a girl asks a guy what color she should get her nails done, he will typically say “light blue”
Boy: “do you want to go on a date with me.”
Girl: “have you looked at my nails?”
Boy: “ oh your wearing light blue nail polish. Sorry.”
by Fruit.Loop May 28, 2021
Light blue nails means you're a fucken poes
" nunu probably has light blue nails because she's a poes"
by Stongaman May 31, 2021