The ejaculate that a man produces when he masturbates because he is sad.
Awe damnit, I got blue juice on my pants from this morning...
by IBtx August 2, 2011
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the color of the fluid injected into an unwanted animal to terminate its life.
the bitch tried to boost my wallet so i gave her the blue juice.
by maxq May 26, 2004
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When a guy cums in a girl's mouth while she is drinking blue gatorade, powerade, etc..
"I heard Katelyn drank Ricky's blue man juice last night after she gave him a bj."
by Juiceboxman23 March 30, 2010
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a certain type of weed that is blue and runny when strained(or filtered). found in canada deep in the canadian forests very rare in value.
i went to canada this summer i found some saweeeet Blue Spruce Moose Juice


by pocahontis busstop June 29, 2011
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