adj. Describing a woman with large breasts due to the prominence of her full blouse.
It was difficult to concentrate on reading with the blousy librarian working at the checkout desk.
by t1331 September 21, 2009
A person, male or female, who has clearly neglected to maintain an acceptable standard for a human being. Usually overweight, multiple children, no job, smokes Marlboro reds, diabetic, ugly, and more or less resembles a character from Narnia.
If you are on the show "teen mom" you are a blousie.
by Mr. Coxol January 11, 2014
Top notch dime whose got it all...gorgeous, sexy, smart and can get pretty expensive when asked out on a date.
- Eh yo check that mami over there, she fine as hell!

- Man I bet you she's one blousy chick!
by astig May 10, 2007